The Most Advanced DNS Client for Windows

YogaDNS automatically intercepts DNS requests at the system level and allows you to process them over user-defined DNS servers using modern protocols and flexible rules.

Version 1.45  •  7.96 MB  •  Changelog
All DNS protocols
System-level integration
  • Automatically intercepts all requests from the system resolver and apps
  • No need to change DNS configuration manually
  • Plain, DoH, DoH3, DoT, DoQ, DNSCrypt and Anonymized DNS
  • DNSSEC with local validation
  • IPv4 and IPv6
Flexible rules
  • Define multiple DNS servers and resolve through them based on the hostname mask and hosts files
  • Specify the network interface (ethernet, Wi-Fi, VPN, etc) that is used for the resolve

Enhanced DNS security

DNS server management

New technologies and deployment

  • Effortlessly make any system work with the most advanced DNS protocols, such as DNSSEC, DNS over QUIC and DNS over HTTPS
  • Automatically import and check public DNS servers from the web
  • Import and export config files