YogaDNS Download

Version 1.45 (2024.03.12)

Windows (x86, x64, ARM) 7, 8, 10, 11

Server 2012, 2016, 2019, 2022

YogaDNS runs as a Pro version free trial for 31 days after installation.
After that, you need to buy the Pro version or continue to work with the Basic version.


Version 1.45
  • DNS over QUIC timeouts fixed when working with AdGuard DNS
  • Minor DNS over QUIC optimizations
Version 1.44
  • TLS hashes and hostnames sometimes not correctly updated from DNS server settings UI
  • Service Manager tool now allows editing of service settings right from YogaDNS app and without a restart
  • Improved error handling for DNS over HTTP/3
  • Workaround for old CPUs that do not support popcnt instruction
Version 1.43
  • Control D integration added to Configuration->Configuration Wizard
  • Correct handling for some unexpected exceptions
  • Minor UI improvements
Version 1.42
  • Some working DNS over HTTP/3 servers may report a timeout error
  • DNS over HTTP/3 crash in some isolated scenarios
  • Improved error reporting
Version 1.41
  • DNS over HTTP/3 protocol support added
  • Network driver updated to meet the latest Microsoft requirements
  • Minor network and UI improvements
Version 1.38
  • Driver installation problem on ARM platform fixed
  • "Force TCP" option added for DNSCrypt protocol
  • Hostnames without a domain can now be added in the rules using a special keyword ??SimpleHostnames??
  • Improved security for plain DNS protocol
  • Minor UI improvements
Version 1.37
  • DNS over QUIC timeout problem fixed
  • Heavy load performance and reliability improvements
Version 1.36
  • DNS over QUIC optimization
  • Improved error handling
Version 1.35
  • DNS over QUIC protocol support added
  • Improved server testing
  • Optimized handling of DNS server IP address and hostname
  • ServiceManager tool minor fixes
  • Log window rendering issues
  • OpenSSL replaced with BoringSSL
  • Miscellaneous minor fixes and improvements
Version 1.31
  • An option to detect Captive Portals that request web login like Wi-Fi hotspots (Configuration -> Advanced -> Enable captive portal detection)
  • Improved compatibility (Configuration -> Advanced -> Intercept DNS packets injected by third party filters)
  • Problems related to the name resolution of DNS server hostnames fixed
  • Improved checking and reporting of TLS certificates when using DoT servers
  • Redundancy pools: server testing improved
  • Various minor improvements and fixes
Version 1.27
  • Windows on ARM support
  • Rules can refer to adapter by name, DNS suffix, Wi-Fi SSIDs and use these parameters to trigger the rule's activation
  • An option to override TTL in DNS answers (Configuration -> Advanced)
  • Minor improvements and fixes
Version 1.23
  • Correct license key detection and Help command in ServiceManager tool
  • Minor improvements of error messages
Version 1.22
  • Release version
  • Introduction of Pro and Basic versions
  • Minor code improvements
Version 1.21 Beta
  • A fix for a socket leak that might occur when plain DNS server timeouts
  • Background testing for redundancy pool servers fixed
  • Assertion failed error on exit fixed
  • Additional treatment for the "certificate signed by unknown authority" error
  • Binaries built with release settings
Version 1.19 Beta
  • DoT (DNS over TLS) added
  • Plain DNS over TCP added
  • Redundancy pools of DNS servers (use the best server automatically)
  • Server check accuracy and performance significantly improved
  • YogaDNS can now run as a native Windows Service (ServiceManager.exe tool added)
  • Log window improvements
  • A silent loading of a new conf-file into a running instance of YogaDNS with /SilentLoad parameter
  • Global configuration can be set via Configuration.xml at the home folder of YogaDNS.exe
  • dnscrypt-proxy updated to version 2.0.45
  • UI and networking improvements
Version 1.16 Beta
  • Ultra-Low Latency Network option support for NextDNS
  • Occasional crash that may happen on start when the configuration is empty
  • Driver start-up problem fixed
Version 1.15 Beta
  • Fast processing of large hosts files used in the rules
  • In isolated cases, some specific non-DNS traffic on UDP port 53 may cause BSOD
  • Improved processing of network interfaces parameters
Version 1.14 Beta
  • Built-in support for NextDNS.
  • Block action can now return as a reply
  • First Start Wizard improved
  • Autostart option offered by the installer
  • Minor improvements and optimizations
Version 1.12 Beta
  • DNS server check and import from the web added
  • DNS relays (aka Anonymized DNSCrypt) support added
  • Rules can now include external hosts files
  • First Start Wizard added
  • An option to disable query padding for DNSCrypt servers
  • dnscrypt-proxy updated to version 2.0.39
  • Multiple minor improvements and optimizations
Version 1.06 Beta
  • Icons updated
  • Improved versioning of all parts of the program
  • Install/Uninstall improvements
Version 1.05 Beta
  • Toolbar updated
  • Statusbar added
  • System Tray icon behavior fixed
Version 1.04 Beta
  • Menu improved
  • System Tray icon improved
  • Autorun added
  • Automatic update check added
Version 1.03 Beta
  • DNSCrypt lib updated
  • Improved resolving of DNS server hostnames
  • Rules UI fixed
  • Network driver stability improvements
  • Main window and log window layout change
Version 1.02 Beta
  • Screen and file logging improved
  • Dynamic processing of default DNS server change
  • Pools and Rules UI updated
  • DNSCrypt lib updated
  • Additional logging for DNSSEC
  • IPv6 fixes and improvements
  • Default interface detection fixed
Version 1.01 Beta
  • UI fixes and improvements for Profiles, Servers and Rules
  • Seamless integration with the system default DNS server
  • Cache for the intermediate requests
  • Interface binding improved
  • DNSSEC options moved from Server to the Rules
  • Better handling of DNSCrypt messages
  • Improved timeouts
Version 1.0 Beta

The first beta version